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The Piqua Shawnee Tribe



The Shawnee tribe was a group of nomadic hunters and farmers that moved from place to place across the northeast and southeast of North America. The Shawnee originally settled in Tennessee but later moved to other places in the country due to their migratory nature. Because of moving frequently, this tribe interacted with many native Indian tribes and sometimes adopted a bit of their culture. They however stuck to their core culture that defined them. For instance their type of housing was best suited for their nomadic lifestyle. These houses were called wigwams. They were very temporary and easy to build and also to bring down without destroying most of the building materials.


The tribe also wore clothes that were dictated with the environment that they happened to be at any one time. They would wear breechcloths during summer and in winter they would have fringed tunics and leggings covered by warm robes or cloaks. They were very adaptive and ended up favoring some of the clothing worn by white settlers that they interacted with. They liked to put on a headwear such as turbans as well as bandanas. The men also adopted putting on shirts made of cotton and European style pants. Check this website at https://www.britannica.com/topic/Shawnee-people for more details.


The Piqua Shawn is one of the five divisions of the larger Shawnee tribe. The spelling of this particular tribe can change depending on the place. For example the Piqua is also spelt as the Pekowa, Pickaway or Pequea. The five divisions of the Shawnee tribe each had a chief and a specific role to which they played towards the larger community. The specific role of the Pique Shawnee is not known by many in these times because by the time the kinship elements of the tribes were being recorded by the Europeans Americans the strong traditions had began to die. These poor understanding of the traditions of this tribe was also made worse by the fact that they had scattered across the country and hence changing their roles in the tribe. Visit this website at http://totalwar-ar.wikia.com/wiki/Shawnee to know more about Shawnee tribe.


The Shawnee division that is mostly recognized by the United States government is the Piqua. It is recognized by the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission under the Davis-Strong Act.


They now form a good tourist destination for those who wish to know more about Native America and their way of living. They even have performances for the public like the green corn dance that they performed in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in 2011. Get more information here!